An Intervalometer for DSLRs

The Intervalometerator is an open source intervalometer for shooting time lapse sequences with a DSLR. It is designed to operate fully off-grid using a battery and solar panel or on-grid, providing full remote access via the web.

  • Control the Intervalometerator web interface via wi-fi from your computer or mobile device.

  • Set which days of the week to shoot on as well as what time to start and stop shooting.

  • Set an interval of 3 seconds to 60 minutes between shots.

  • Full control of the camera settings including white balance, ISO, aperture, shutter speed and image format.

  • Shoot and view test shots for focus and aligning the camera.
  • Set a schedule to copy the images from the camera and upload them to the cloud.

It is designed to be cheap and easy to build, assuming you have a few basic tools and a working knowledge of the Raspberry Pi and Arduino microcontrollers. All the code is open source - you'll find it in the project's GitHub repository.

If soldering and coding aren't your thing, assembled and tested PCBs are available on eBay.

The final product